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Research and Development

As pharmaceutical manufacturers, we at Inven realize the critical role played by a Research and Development team in keeping us at the forefront of the industry. Our expert R & D team has the skills as well as the resources to help us design products and processes that are effective, robust and safe. Beginning with the initial formulation development right up to the efficacy and safety analysis, this team is a key partner at every step of our operations.

Our Focus

The in-house R & D team at Inven focuses on three thrust areas – improvement of existing products and drug delivery systems, development of new products and expansion of the applications of our products. This commitment to constant improvement reflects in the fact that every year, we use close to 7 percent of our turnover to fund our R & D activities.

R & D Activities

In today's competitive scenario, we realize the importance of building our store of intellectual property and our R & D team is a key player helping us develop and patent newer drug delivery systems and new products. When necessary, Inven also works in collaboration with other independent research teams with an aim to come up with effective and safe new products to add to our portfolio. Our R & D team is actively involved with the process of conducting relevant studies – such as clinical trials and bio-equivalence studies – that are a must to obtain approval from the regulatory authorities.

FIO® - Our Success Story

Inven has developed one of the world's most advanced yet affordableform-fill-seal machinery for manufacture of aseptic LVP products. Thanks to the untiring efforts of our in-house R & D team, FIO® - Flat-head with Inlet and Outlet - is a major success story where in a single sequential operation, the form moulding, aseptic filling and hermetic sealing processes occur to deliver a product that offers clinicians distinct advantages. Combining the strengths of both plastic and glass packaging,FIO® - Flat-head with Inlet and Outlet - assures the sterility of the product even as it makes it simpler and easier to use. In today's challenging regulatory environment, it is vital for pharmaceutical companies to pay attention to their product design, as well as critical quality and material attributes. A thorough understanding of the critical process parameters and a clear rationale behind specifications are essential to get regulatory approval. This, precisely, is the focus of our in-house R & D team and this focus is a major factor that contributes to the consistent growth Inven has shown in the Indian as well as global market.