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Marketing and Facilities

The brand presence Inven has created for itself over the years is an outcome of a well-thought out and effective marketing strategy. By a clear definition of our vision and our business goals, we have in place the steps necessary to achieve even greater business growth in the years to come.

Our Marketing Goals
At Inven, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to meet our marketing goals that include much more than merely selling our product. We seek to increase the awareness of our product and the value our brand stands for; we also constantly strive to reach newer customer categories through a well-planned marketing strategy that covers reputed doctors and healthcare professionals all over the country.

Our Strategy
By creating a clear sales and marketing plan and providing adequate training, we arm our marketing team with the knowhow and the confidence to present our product to doctors, healthcare professionals, distributors and stockists.

By a thorough study of the demographic profile, medical needs and purchasing capacities of our ultimate customer – the patient – we are able to provide a wide range of products at prices that are affordable without compromising on quality.

By identifying the most important marketing channels, we develop a marketing plan that makes use of several different media to improve our brand identity. Through an intelligent combination of direct and online mail and social media marketing, and by making use of advertising media as well as sponsorship opportunities, the marketing team at Inven has been steadily able to meet its revenue objectives.

Training of Sales Force
All members of Inven's sales force are provided in-depth training on the several aspects of their job – communication skills, ethical work guidelines and transparent reporting. Every employee on our sales team is periodically evaluated on these parameters and by providing objective feedback, we succeed in getting the employees to deliver the best they are capable of.

Relationships with Medical Professionals
Doctors and paramedical staff are an important aspect of our link with patients and therefore, Inven takes care to involve them at every step. Through in-office briefing sessions, our sales team provides doctors and paramedical staff with information promotional information about Inven's products. They also make available new and relevant information regarding the pharmaceutical product development in India as well as globally. We also collect feedback from the doctors about their experience with our products and use this information to make changes to improve our products.