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Domestic Sales Network

Domestic Sales Network

Considering the highly competitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry, Inven realizes the value of having a strong sales team. More importantly, we realize that a bigger territory and time-strapped medical professionals make for a challenging work environment. This is the reason why at Inven we believe in providing visionary leadership to our sales force that keeps them constantly motivated and supports them in achieving their predetermined goals.

Our Presence
Through its strategic alliances with distributors, Inven has a national presence spanning 25 states in India besides a strong local sales network. We take great care to support our distributors technically and for marketing purposes. Thanks to the uncompromising quality standards of all Inven's products, we are able to command the respect of our sales network and this has resulted in a healthy growth of revenue over the years.

We supply LVP products to some of the leading hospitals in India such as

Our Strategy
While our products are geared towards meeting patient requirements, the fact remains that it is the doctor or paramedical experts who have direct access to patients in ill-health. Our sales representatives meet with doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide them relevant information on the latest products and treatment choices available for patient care. By forming valued relationships with healthcare teams, we seek to ensure our products reach the patients in a timely manner.

Ethical Promotion
By a strict control of all aspects of manufacturing, packaging and distribution, Inven ensures the quality of its products is beyond reproach. This gives us the ability to promote our products with confidence in a responsible and transparent manner, following ethical practices. By a strict adherence to the laws and industry standards, we ensure all our product promotional activities are along ethical guidelines, making us a well-respected company in the pharmaceutical industry.

Customized Approach
We realize that each of our distributors is a unique entity and because no two businesses can be the same, we adopt a customized approach. By using a flexible and transparent negotiation system, we work with our distributors to ensure our transactions ensure a win-win situation and create mutual value.

By seeking to build trust with our distributors, we have gained the respect of our distributors and stockists who are a vital part of our domestic sales network team. As we work towards a common goal of mutual benefit, we believe that success can only be the result of a sustained policy based on quality, cooperation and understanding.