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Competitive Pricing

It is a well-accepted economic reality that no business enterprise can run efficiently if it does not aim at achieving a certain minimum amount of profit. At the same time, you cannot afford to charge much above the average cost because then, your customers will look to buy from another place. At Inven, we recognize this economic fact, albeit with a difference. As a pharmaceutical company that was founded with the objective of service to society, we are constantly aware of our responsibility to make our medicines more accessible to those who need it the most. We are also alert to how significantly the quality of our products can affect the health and well-being of the patient who uses them. This awareness ensures we constantly strive to keep our products competitively priced and affordable without ever compromising on their quality.

Cost of Inven Products

At Inven, our products are priced in keeping with company policy on volume business and promotional offers. We constantly aim at keeping our processing costs low by using our facilities, resources and utilities wisely and avoiding wastage. By maintaining a low production cost, we are able to pass on the benefits to our customers through an affordable pricing structure.

When you approach us for a purchase of our LVP products, we provide you with complete details of the pricing scenario. You get the entire picture of our prices under different categories such as regular pricing, loyalty club pricing as well as promotional offers. This allows you to choose the type of pricing pattern you wish to avail of based on your specific requirements.

For clients who provide volume business, Inven often provides a special price. We believe in working in cooperation with our distributors to help them generate new business and improve their profit margins.

At Inven, we are committed to making life-saving medicines accessible to patients of different socioeconomic segments living in different parts of the world. Our differential pricing system allows us to consistently provide quality products at rates that are competitive. Agreed, our prices may not be the lowest in the market every time; however, we constantly maintain a price-quality ratio that is beyond compare with the competition.

If you are a distributor who is looking to save costs on volume purchase of IV fluids, do get in touch with us to work out a competitive rate that is mutually beneficial.